Sunday, April 14, 2013 - 9:19pm
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Let's be honest: last October, too many people ignored warnings of unprecedented storm surge and flooding as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the metropolitan region.

Some wise souls, however, did prepare for the storm -- and thanks to their planning and action, property and lives were saved from devastating floods.

To honor this foresight and action, and for their important work to create a resilient waterfront, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance will salute these Heroes of the Harbor at the Waterfront Conference on April 9, 2013.

"Actions by a few farsighted individuals along the waterfront in advance of Superstorm Sandy undoubtedly prevented far greater damage," said Roland Lewis, president and chief executive officer of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. "We wish to publicly commend these clear-eyed advocates of a resilient shoreline."

While some had been preparing for a storm surge like Sandy's for years, others took swift action as the storm approached. Under great pressure, Captain Jonathan Boulware, waterfront director for the South Street Seaport Museum and one of those being honored by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, reacted quickly. Analyzing tide and wind forecasts as the storm approached, he calculated how much extra mooring line should be added to each historic vessel. With the help of loyal museum volunteers, he directed preparations for each pier, each boat and each shipboard exhibit -- and then remained on-site as the storm made landing. All of the museum's vessels remained safe and secure.

Over at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Deputy Commissioner for Sustainability Angela Licata also was about as prepared as she could be. Ms. Licata, another Hero of the Harbor being honored by the MWA, has kept climate change planning front and center at the agency for the last decade. She prepared the agency's Climate Change Adaptation Plan in 2007, was a lead developer of the City's Green Infrastructure Plan, has recently taken a new look at the City's drainage planning to account for larger storm events, and has proposed modifications to the City's wastewater treatment plants to protect them from large storm events.

The other Heroes of the Harbor, honored for their resiliency foresight and actions are
* New York City Panel on Climate Change
* New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
* Klaus Jacob, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University
* Marine Transportation System Recovery Unit
* dlandstudio architecture + landscape architecture

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