Voter's Guide for the Waterfront

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance's Inaugural Voter's Guide

NOW UPDATED TO REFLECT PRIMARY ELECTION OUTCOMES. New York City’s waterfront is in the midst of fundamental and profound change, but there is still a long way to go. It is incumbent upon the next generation of city leaders to invest significant time, resources, attention, and funds in our most precious shared resource. 

For the first time, MWA has asked all candidates for public office in New York City to put their commitment to the future of our waterfront on the record.

Click on the voter's guide below to find out what our next leaders have to say about waterfront jobs, parks, transportation, and more. 




"New York City’s waterfront is one of our greatest assets –yet in order to mitigate the real vulnerabilities connected with climate change, we need an innovative, comprehensive, and forward-thinking agenda for our City’s waterfront. I am committed to working with the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance to achieve our shared goals of protecting our waterfront, expanding access to our shores and stimulating the economy."

                             -Bill de Blasio, candidate for Mayor


"Ferries were a featured element of my Transportation 2030: A Five Borough Blueprint conference in 2011. The bottom line is that for thousands of New Yorkers who live in burgeoning waterfront neighborhoods that are underserved by transit, such as Red Hook, Brooklyn, or Long Island City, Queens, the promise of the City’s “6th Borough” as a transit method is too obvious to be ignored."

                             -Scott Stringer, candidate for Comptroller


"The East River Ferry was a success and the model of commuter Ferry service in New York City should be explored further in other waterfront neighborhoods. It’s also important to make sure these routes stay affordable. It will also be a lot more user friendly if people could use Metrocards to pay their fare."

                             -Gale Brewer, candidate for Manhattan Borough President


"I support eco-docks around the City and am currently working with MWA and the City to study the feasibility of an eco-dock in Stuyvesant Cove. As a lifetime resident of the East Side, I am committed to opening up access to the East River, similar to what our neighbors on the West Side currently enjoy."

                              -Daniel Garodnick, candidate for City Council (4th District)


"There needs to be a revival of the shipping industry in New York City. Jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate, so we need to revive an industry that can support thousands of jobs for our fellow New Yorkers."

                              -Inez Dickens, candidate for City Council (9th District)


"One of the most pressing waterfront issues I perceive for my district is the lack of safe waterfront access sites. Currently, those who engage in canoeing or row-boating must travel significant distances to access safe launching sites."

                              -Maria del Carmen Arroyo, candidate for City Council (17th District)

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