State of the Waterfront


State of the Waterfront
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Today there are more groups and agencies working in concert to improve our waterfront than ever before. We are seeing progress in general. But it will take far more attention from policy and decision makers to ensure we have a waterfront and Harbor deserving of the NY-NJ metropolitan area.

In 2007 the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA) convened an unprecedented series of strategy sessions with participants from over 240 agencies and organizations. This culminated in The Waterfront Action Agenda—a shared vision and policy platform for the region. In 2009 the Mayor’s Office adopted this framework into Vision 20/20: New York City’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.

This is a monumental step forward for the region.

Progress is being made. New York City has released its comprehensive waterfront plan and taken up the waterfront in earnest again. New Jersey received stimulus money to complete sections of the Hudson River Walkway. Currently over 2,900 acres of waterfront parks and public spaces are being planned or are under construction in more than 50 projects across the region.  State of the Waterfront serves as a snapshot of the policies today and proposes Mechanisms of Change to keep government on course, ensure projects get funded, and we maintain forward momentum.

To help us stay on course the State of the Waterfront is the start of a comprehensive report card for the region and the political leadership whose policies impact our region’s 6th borough—the waterfront.

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