SPLASH! Your Guide to Free and Low Cost Waterfront Education


DSCN3705SPLASH! is a waterfront education resource for camp leaders, schoolteachers, and others serving New York City area youth. As a guide, SPLASH! aims to connect students with opportunities to learn about, as well as to learn on, the waters that surround us, through low- or no-cost, water-based field trips and educational programs for students, families, and teachers.

Organizations in the guide each have some focus on or connection to the waterways that flow in, around, and through our urban landscape. At the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, we believe that the New York and New Jersey Harbor and waterways can be vibrant places to play, learn, and work, with great parks, great jobs and great transportation for all. Our hope is that our partnership with organizations in this guide will contribute to every child in the metropolitan area having the knowledge and tools to become invested in the care, improvement and responsible use of our waterfront and harbor. To that end, we have chosen to focus on those experiences that cost, on average, less than 10 dollars per participant.

DSCN3754SPLASH! includes tables listing featured organizations by average cost of programming per student, as well as by location. We have also highlighted those organizations that offer paddling or other programs that put participants on the water in accordance with our mission. Following this information is an expanded listing for each organization, which includes a sample of the programs they offer as well as their contact information.

The information in this guide is correct to the best of our knowledge and ability as of May 2015. Please use the contact information given for a specific organization to confirm information, plan an experience, or to ask any further questions.

The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance hopes that the release of this guide will further our mission to give children further access to our city's unique water-related opportunities for education and enrichment.

If you would like an organization added to the guide, or work for an organization where the listing needs updating, please contact Stephanie Hill, Event Manager, at shill@waterfrontalliance.org or (212) 935-9831 ext.106.

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