Task Forces

MWA Task Forces meet up to three times per year to discuss and deliberate waterfront policy.  MWA's task forces are credited with the development of the Waterfront Action Agenda, the first comprehensive waterfront plan for the region. The Waterfront Action Agenda served as a catalyst for the development of the New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan.  

For more information about MWA's Task Forces or to join a task force, please contact Mike Porto, Director of Outreach and Planning, at mporto@waterfrontalliance.org or (212) 935-9831 ext.108

H209 Forum Workshop (PDF)

Coastal Protection Strategy Images (PDF)


MWA Task Forces


This task force, sometimes joint with Green Harbor, engages the ecological, architectural and engineering communities to discuss ecological waterfront development in New York City. 

Green Harbor

This task force looks at waterfront restoration and looks at the funding and
implementation of the seminal restoration plan for the Harbor, the Comprehensive Restoration Plan for the Hudson Raritan Estuary (CRP).

Harbor Education

This task force engages educators across the nonprofit and government sectors to discuss waterfront education including the development of Harbor Literacy Points, an educational resource aligned with curriculum standards.

Harbor Recreation

This task force looks at waterfront public access sites in the region, and engages the human-powered boating and recreational boating communities.

Water Mass Transit

This task force looks at how to improve, expand and integrate ferry service in the region.

Working Waterfront

This task force looks at maritime industry, port commerce for new jobs and less trucking, and improvements in waterfront permitting.


Learn more The work of the '07-'08 Task Forces resulted in 6 policy papers, known as the MWA White Papers, and the Waterfront Action Agenda. These influential documents provide detailed solutions to the challenges facing our waterfront.


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