Design the Edge

What is Design the Edge?

FinishedPark1The New York City Economic Development Corporation, the New York State Department of State Environmental Protection Fund, Department of Parks & Recreation, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA), and local community initiatives are collaborating on water- front projects to replace the waterfront edge with waterfront designs that are dramatically different, with more habitat value and which can allow recreational use of the water.


What projects has MWA worked on?

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance has worked with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and the NYC Economic Development Corporation on the following projects:


How are the designs constructed?

There are 10 Design the Edge Principles that are factored into each new waterfront design. This principles include reducing wake energy, bioremediation, and safe access.

In Vision 2020; New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, the Mayor’s Office and Department of City Planning state a similar goal of implementing an East River and North Shore Greenway in Queens, as well as enhancing wetland habitats and offering greater opportunities for in-water recreation. In partnership with the EDC, the Mayor’s Office also created the New York City Waterfront Action Agenda, which outlines the strategy of building green infrastructure and other controls to capture rainfall and reduce combined sewer overflows. When planning the details of a redevelopment project, it is thus important to consider how it will benefit both the local community and the overall ecological well-being of New York City.



This webpage was prepared with funds provided by the New York State Department State provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.






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