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Dear Mr. Lewis,

NYC needs tools to close the gap between land and water. What does the waterfront look like from the Hudson or remote parts of the East River or Gowanus Channel? Everyone is known to "Google's Streetview" and how it captures every single spot in the city. Who does not "explore" this city once in a while, using Streetview? And how many would be thrilled to to look at this City from the water!

What do we really know about the NYC Waterfronts? How many NYC citizens have the opportunity to go out on the water? What did the waterfront look like decades ago and how will it change in the next few decades?

One of my first thoughts after moving from the Netherlands to NYC and trying to find my way to the most remote waterfronts: why can I not see what it looks like before I jump on my bike? Why are the 520 miles of coastal waterfronts not mapped and why can I not view the waterfront through the web? why is there not something like "Waterfront View"? Would this be something for Google to invest in? or should city authorities and NGO's join forces, as they will proof to be main beneficiary organisations, responsible for implementing massive climate change adaptation strategies?

10 reasons to start creating Waterfront View 2015:

1. Waterfront View does not excist yet;

2. Waterfront View has a potential of many million "clients", not just the people of NYC, but also the million tourists visiting the city each and want to check the web what the waterfronts look like;

3. Waterfront View will be a great asset for consultant firms, working on Waterfront and Green Infrastructure projects through the city;

4. Waterfront View will show the capital of this city and will greatly improve our understanding, isn't that a crucial part of "Living with Water"?

5. Waterfront View will be a powerful tool to help close the "awareness gap" between land and water by NYC authorities and its citizens;

6. Waterfront View will proof being a powerful tool for the massive climate change adaptation questions that NYC is facing;

7. Waterfront View will contribute to the Multiple Lines of Defense (MLD) strategy that is gradually being embraced to make NYC climate proof -- waterfronts will connect large scale protection of the city and small scale local solutions;

8. Waterfront View 2015 will connect waterfront owners, authorities and organisations like MWA, PANY/NJ, UASCE NY District, NYEDC, NYC Dept. Parks & Recreation -- everyone is part of a collective database encompassing the water that is all around us;

9. Waterfront View 2015 will create extended opportunities, like measuring and keeping track of sustainable waterfront developments.

10. Why the year 2015... organizing Waterfront View 2015 and mapping 520 miles of coastline will be a challenge. Of course, first results of "strategic locations" can be made available earlier.

Bottum line: continue talking and START mapping!

Edgar Westerhof
Roger Meyer



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