MWA Financials and Form 990

MWA’s support comes from foundations, organizations and individuals throughout New York City and the surrounding region. MWA benefits not only from cash contributions, but also from generous in-kind contributions of goods and services that help the organization hold programs, such as City of Water Day and the Waterfront Conference.

MWA’s Board of Trustees and staff extend our deepest appreciation to our many contributors for their generosity during 2011. Despite continued economic uncertainty, our contributors maintained the support that is essential to our campaigns to create a diverse and vibrant waterfront. MWA’s financial support comes from community and family foundations, business and corporate grants, governmental entities and numerous engaged and caring individuals from around the region. We would particularly like to highlight the generous and continuing support of Elizabeth H. Atwood, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the J.M. Kaplan Fund.

Click here to see our 2011 audited financial statements, as verified by our independent auditor. In 2011, MWA had revenue of more than $800,000, including temporarily restricted gifts for which commitments had been received in previous years. Expenses were approximately $907,000. Of every dollar of expense, approximately 80 cents was spent directly on MWA’s programs. The remainder covered general and administrative costs (about 9 cents) and fundraising (11 cents). For more information please view MWA's Form 990 here.

MWA is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please contact us at the address below for information on making gifts to MWA, for a copy of our audited financial statement or Form 990, or for other inquiries.

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance

Attn: Development 241 Water Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10038

p. 212-935-9831

f. 212-542-3162

You can also find out more financial information by reading our 2011 Annual Report.

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