Climate Change Resiliency

Climate resiliency through community organizing, planning, and engagement at the local level and in our neighborhoods. How can cities, community groups, advocates, and nonprofits work together to develop community outreach and involvement strategies for climate change adaptation? What are the likely components of community-based climate change adaptation plans? What are the outcomes of these strategies? To what degree do we incorporate community resiliency, community planning, pollution reduction, and emergency preparedness into strategies? What are the best practices and how do we make current programs more community based and more implementable?

To download a copy of the presentations for the Climate Change Resiliency panel, click on this link: Climate Change Resiliency Panel Presentations

Moderator: Rutherford Platt, University of Massachusetts Amherst Introduction: Bill McKibben, Author, Educator, and Environmentalist (video address)

  • Amber Greene, Ready New York, Office of Emergency Management
  • Aaron Koch, Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability
  • Tony MacDonald, Urban Coast Institute, Monmouth University
  • William Solecki, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities
  • Lee Stuart, Community Organizing Consultant
  • Elizabeth Yeampierre, UPROSE

The Rising Tide from the Bottom Up: Climate Change Resiliency at the Community Level Part 1 Climate Change Resiliency at the Community Level (1 of 2)

Part 2 Climate Change Resiliency (2 of 2)

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