A Green Working Waterfront Works

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs -- How to green them, protect them, and grow them. How can we green the port and the working waterfront? Regulation, innovations and programs supporting redevelopment, revitalization, retention of working waterfronts in New York and New Jersey. Examples from other parts of the country and how we make it work here.

To download a copy of the presentations for A Green Working Waterfront Works panel, click on this link: A Green Working Waterfront Works Panel Presentations

Moderator: Edward Kelly, Maritime Association of the Port of NY/NJ Introduction: Brad Lander, NYC Councilmember

  • Eddie Bautista, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
  • Maria Boile, Freight and Maritime Program, Rutgers University of NJ
  • Joe Curto, New York Shipping Association
  • Andrew Genn, NYC Economic Development Corporation
  • Amy Goldsmith, NJ Environmental Federation

A Green Working Waterfront Works

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