Waterfront Governance

We are creating a 21st-century waterfront - now is the time to begin development of new waterfront governance mechanisms.

The Waterfront Governance Panel at the 2011 Waterfront Conference Floating Follow-Up featured expert panelists from cities across the nation. The cities these panelists came from have successfully tackled a wide variety of challenges to green and blue development, and they came to share best practices on waterfront governance in providing better management, spurring investment, and encouraging redevelopment of waterfronts into accessible and inviting places. From redevelopment corporations to new waterfront agencies and innovative interagency initiatives, this panel presented success stories from leaders who are who have transformed their cities while addressing issues such as regional coordination, communication, implementation, financing and regulatory reform.

This panel featured:

  • Bob Yaro, Regional Plan Association

Featured Panelists

  • Ann Beier, Director, Office of Healthy Working Rivers, City of Portland
  • Marshall Foster, City Planning Director, Seattle Department of Planning and Development
  • Will Travis, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Panel Respondents

  • Chris Ward, Executive Director, NY/NJ Port Authority
  • Amanda Burden, Commissioner, NYC Department of City Planning

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