Dredged Material Management

Kick-starting the Regional Sediment Management Plan and solving the looming dredge crisis

Upland placement capacity for non-HARS suitable dredged material is becoming increasingly limited and maritime entities face escalating costs to dredge. This panel focused on the long overdue need to put the Regional Sediment Management Plan into place and the overwhelming need to foster bi-state collaboration. The aim was creating a solution to reduce dredging costs and beneficially use dredged sediments to obtain harbor restoration goals and maximize opportunities for transporting goods by water.

This panel featured:


  • John Tavolaro, United States Army Corps of Engineers

Featured Panelists

  • Scott Douglas, New Jersey Department of Transportation
  • Andrew Genn, NYC Economic Development Corporation
  • Matthew Masters, NY/NJ Port Authority
  • Jennifer Samson, Clean Ocean Action

Panel summary may be read here

Part I: Dredged Material Management, Part I

Dredged Material Management (1 of 2) by MetroWaterfront

Part II: Dredged Material Management, Part II

Dredged Material Management (2 of 2) by MetroWaterfront

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