Open Up the Harbor!

Open up the Harbor!
Community Eco Docks and Infrastructure Improvements at the Water’s Edge

Small to large waterfront improvements are being planned to open the waterfront to all kinds of boats, from kayaks to mid-size ships and large historic vessels and even swimmers. Community Eco Docks, small improvements like opening gates and retaining cleats and bollards, retrofitting piers and other infrastructure can give waterfront communities the chance to get on the water for the first time in generations. This panel will explore the use of Community Eco Docks and other improvements to open up the waterfront.

Karen Phillips, Regional Director, New York State Parks and Recreation


  • Clay Hiles, Executive Director, Hudson River Foundation
  • Joshua Laird, Assistant Commissioner for Planning and Parklands, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Heather McCown, Waterfront Area Manager, Shore Road Parks Conservancy
  • Dong-Ping Wong, Partner, Family New York
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