Directions to the 2012 Waterfront Conference

Directions to Pier Sixty for Friday, May 18

Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers (W. 20th St. and the Hudson River)

Pier Sixty is located within the Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex, 23rd Street and the Hudson River. Vehicles may enter the complex from the West Side Highway between 22nd and 23rd Streets in Manhattan.

Arriving by Public Transportation • Bus: The M23 bus, which runs across 23rd Street, stops at Pier 62, the front door of Chelsea Piers. From Pier 62, it is a short walk to Pier Sixty. • Bus: The M14 bus, which runs across 14th Street, stops at West 18th Street, adjacent to Pier 59. From Pier 59, it is a short walk to Pier Sixty.

Arriving by Car • Taxis, Cars & Limousines: To arrive directly at our front door, please instruct your driver to follow all access/parking signs (do not follow taxi drop-off). Please instruct your driver to proceed through the parking gate directly to Pier Sixty, located at the tip of Pier 60. Taxis, cars and limousines are given 20 minutes’ free access to drop off and pick up passengers.

Directions to the Frying Pan/Pier 66 Maritime for Saturday, May 19

The Frying Pan at Pier 66 (W. 26th St. and the Hudson River)

Frying Pan is docked at Pier 66 Maritime, which is located on Pier 66a @ West 26th Street in the Hudson River Park, three blocks north of Chelsea Piers.

Public Transportation:
Take M23 crosstown bus west on 23rd Street to Chelsea Piers which is the last stop and walk 3 blocks or 3 piers north.
You can transfer to the M23 from the C/E subway lines on 8th Ave. & 23rd Street, the 1/9 lines on 7th Ave. & 23rd Street, the F and Path Trains on 6th, the N/R on Broadway, or the 4,5,6 over on the east side.

Take the bike-way in the Hudson River Park to Pier 66a

Car or Taxi:
By taxi, you can only be dropped off on the NORTHBOUND SIDE of the Westside Highway at West 26th Street.  Cross the highway for the entrance to Pier 66 Maritime and look for the large red lightship.

For cars, the closest Parking Garage is in The Chelsea Piers Sporting Complex

Please note that drop off of passengers in the Hudson River Park is PROHIBITED


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