Safety and Real Time Water Quality Data and Notification

Safety and Real Time Water Quality Data and Notification:
What are the Plans and What Information do We Need in the Future

As more and more people, vessels, and activity crowd the waterways of the 6th Borough, communication about safety and water quality has become a crucial concern. Day to day challenges like post-rainfall sewer overflows and the resulting poor water quality make our waterways unsafe for human powered boaters and others, while calamities, such as the North River Waste Water Treatment Plant fire, can have even greater affect on on-the-water recreation. This panel will explore what we can do to inform the public about when it is safe to go in the water and the best ways to disseminate this information.

Venetia Lannon, Regional Director, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


  • Chris Boyd, Assistant Commissioner Environmental Sciences and Engineering, NYC Department of Health
  • Rob Buchanan, Corresponding Secretary, Villiage Community Boathouse
  • Leif Percifield, Creative Technologist, DontFlushMe
  • Sri Rangarajan, Director Water Quality Planning and Analysis, NYC Department of Environmental Protection


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