4. A Waterfront Town

Every Kid on the Water

Expand efforts to get the next generation to embrace the waterways as a vital resource in their lives. Ensure that the waterfront is available and accessible to all, particularly low-income communities that historically have had limited opportunities along the water.

Urge the Department of Education to designate a point person to secure environmental and waterfront education funding.

Urge the Parks Department to expand harbor education programs.

Town Docks
For a region surrounded by water, there are surprisingly few places where boats can legally and affordably dock. A series of simple town docks can be adapted for a variety of uses, including visitor drop-off and pick-up, community programs, and connecting a region-wide water trail to interesting upland destinations.

One-Stop Waterfront Permitting

We need a single source where people get straightforward information and applications, and where permits can be reviewed and handled expediently. In New York Harbor there are dozens of government agencies that have a hand in regulating waterfront use. For decades this complicated, non-transparent system has deterred community programs and waterfront development. A cooperative effort by regulating
agencies will simplify the permitting process.

Region-Wide Water Trail

Connect the region's waterfront parks with a New York City Water Trail system -- a critical link to what ought to be a region-wide system of launches and destinations for boaters and paddlers. New trails on the Hackensack and the Bronx Rivers join the Hudson River Water Trail as major links in this network.

Recognize Great Waterfront Destinations
Our waterfront should be as alive and diverse as the cities and towns that surround it. Waterside development should:

Provide public space, parks, and esplanades
Create access to the water
Connect neighborhoods to the water
Include waterside destinations (especially food!) that
are fun and affordable

Just as great environmental design gets LEED designation, great waterfront development that meets this criteria should achieve the "Waterfront Seal of Approval."

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