2. Blue Highways

Region-Wide Ferry Transit

Unlike highways or rail, the basic infrastructure for water transport -- the Harbor and its waterways -- already exists. Landings and boats are all that is needed to deliver
commuters to work and home. To be successful, region-wide ferry transit must be:

  • An affordable commute, priced competitively with rail, bus or car
  • Integrated with mass transit, linked by MetroCard or SmartCard, synchronized to the train and bus schedules

Move Goods, Recyclables, and Trash by Barge

  • Revive barge transport to get trucks off the road and polluted air out of our lungs
  • Create incentives and infrastructure such as roll-on/roll-off facilities for trucks and barges
    • Accelerate implementation of the City of New York's Long Term Solid Waste Management Plan to get our refuse onto barges and garbage trucks off the roads
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