MWA is a young organization with many accomplishments. Here we highlight our greatest hits up through 2012 and look forward to many more.

MWA as Project of Municipal Arts Society

1998 “The Waterfront Project” organized by Rockefeller Brothers Fund and a coalition of leading regional foundations
1999 First Waterfront Conference held in Liberty State Park, New Jersey and Governors Island, New York 
2002 New York City Council creates Waterfront Committee after advocacy by MWA 
2005 MWA Design the Edge Project re-imagines how our waterfront can be used 

MWA as an Independent Civic

2007 MWA is formed as an independent organization by Majora Carter, Eugenia Flatow, and Pete Seeger.
  MWA hires its first President and CEO
  MWA Alliance reaches 250 Alliance Partners
  Task Force Meetings begin leading to release of first Waterfront Action Agenda and 6 MWA White Papers on waterfront policy.
2008 MWA works with others to pass legislation to reinstate the Waterfront Management Advisory Board and the first update of New York City’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan in 18 years.
  MWA’s Waterfront Conference attended by 500 leaders, MWA’s Waterfront Action Agenda released.
  First Heroes of the Harbor Award Dinner held featuring The Parade of Boats.
  MWA Advocacy leads to plan for 5 borough ferry service.


MWA Task Force Meetings are used by MWA and New York agencies to develop New York City’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan recommendations and determine ways to fund waterfront improvements.
2010 MWA releases Improving Waterfront Permitting in the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary containing 26 recommendations for waterfront permitting reform.
  Funding secured for MWA’s first Community Eco-Dock in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn at 69th Street Pier.
  MWA and its partners develop Harbor Coalition to bring significant federal funds to the harbor.
  MWA’s Alliance reaches 450 Alliance Partners 2010 MWA’s Waterfront Conference attended by over 600, MWA’s State of the Waterfront report released.
2011 MWA’s work with New York City leads to release of first New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan in 18 years.
  Funding secured for second Community Eco-Dock at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  First phase of 5 borough ferry service started as East River Ferry Service is launched.
  Largest attendance at City of Water Day Festival. Event reaches over 25,000 participants around the region.
  MWA’s mini-conference, the 2011 Floating Follow-up, attracts over 400 participants and 4 US Representatives.
  Parade of Boats at Heroes of the Harbor Award Dinner is open to the public for the first time in Hudson River Park.
2012 MWA Harbor Camp program reaches milestone of over 9,000 children served.
  MWA and its partners in the Harbor Coalition draft proposed federal Harbor Act as mechanism for bringing more federal waterfront funds to region.
  MWA President, Roland Lewis, presides as chairman of the 5th Annual Urban Waterfronts Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  MWA’s Waterfront Conference attended over 650, NY-NJ Harbor Coalition officially launched.
  City of Water Day held in over 17 locations around the region.
  Funding secured for MWA’s third Community Eco-Dock in Inwood, Manhattan at Dyckman Marina.
  MWA Alliance reaches over 660 Alliance Partners.
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